07 diciembre 2015

New Zealand FINA Referees School 2015

FINA Referee School in Auckland


 was the first of two days of the 2015 FINA School for Water Polo Referees at the City Life Hotel in Auckland.

The FINA School is a biennial event with the objective to further develop referees' knowledge of the technical aspects of our game. Equally, it is important to ensure consistency world wide in terms of knowledge of current international rule interpretations in that they are shared and implemented as a result. 

With 38 participants this is the highest attended School ever to be held in New Zealand and with 3 Korean referees, 2 from Taipei and 1 from Japan; this is truly an international occasion. 

The FINA School is facilitated by Mr. John Whitehouse from Australia, the general secretary of the FINA technical water polo committee and one of the leading game delegates of our global game. 

On this first day, the participants discussed specific game situations and the rule interpretations, the evolution of the rules, and the mental side of refereeing water polo. All these subjects were discussed while using video resources and presentations. 

The FINA School is an invaluable opportunity for our referees to deepen their knowledge of the game and their responsibility and role within our sport. It was great to see such interactive discussion and cooperation between lecturer and referees from New Zealand and abroad.

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