21 julio 2011

World Water Polo Referees Association (WWR)

Constituida en Shanghai la nueva asociación internacional de árbitros de Waterpolo

New association for international referees to be announced

A new referee´s assocation is to be founded here in Shanghai.
Foto: Henk Swinkels
A piece of history is to be written in East Asia. On the occasion of the 14th FINA World Championships here at Shanghai, China a new international association for waterpolo referees is to be created. The founding congress of the World Water Polo Referees Association (WWR) is announced to be held on Saturday, 23 July, right here and to be attended by many international referees and officials. The meeting is starting at 6:30 p. m. local time in the Swimming Pool Meeting Rom of the Magnolia Span Natatorium, as the venue of the two waterpolo competitions is called.

Due to the expressed interest by many current referees, the WWR is expected to succeed the current referees´ association Association Internationale des Arbitres (AIA). The members of the WWR founding committee have announced a long agenda for the first General Assembly which is to be attended by Gianni Lonz, Italy, the chairman of the FINA Technical Water Polo Committee as well.

World Water Polo Referees Association (WWR)