20 abril 2015

PR Champions League Day 9 (18/04/15)

Olympiacos keeps hope alive

There is still hope for Olympiacos who got in the mix of teams running for the last Final Six berth after round 9 of the Champions League preliminary round. The Greek champions topped Radnicki 7-8 in Kragujevac on a winning goal by Ioannis Fountoulis to now trail current 2nd seed Eger, who fell to Pro Recco 11-9 on Saturday, by 'just' 3 points. However since Olympiacos holds the better goal-scoring difference in the two match-ups with Eger, an upset on the final day of the prelims could still happen if Eger loses to Barceloneta and Olympiacos manages to beat Brescia. On Saturday Olympiacos rallied late in the back-and-forth game against Radnicki to upset the home side. With 6 minutes to play Srdjan Vuksanovic scored a seemingly comfortable 7-5 goal for Radnicki. The final answer was for Olympiacos who saw Alexandros Gounas, Konstantinos Mourikis and ultimately Fountoulis scoring in the final 4 minutes to turn the score around. Usual top scorer Fountoulis and Serbian centre-back Nikola Radjen scored a team-high 2 goals each. Eger meanwhile put upa decent fight playing the unbeaten leaders of the group in their home but fell short a pair of goals, scored in the final period by Recco. The home team looked well underway to another clear win as they quickly established a 4-1 lead in the opening period. The response by Eger in the second term though was strong and a real game went on from there. But the best was saved for last by Recco. Unanswered goal by Pietro Figlioli and Aleksandar Ivovic in the final 4 minutes secured the 2-goal victory for Pro Recco who remain unbeaten and with no less than 9 different goal scorers, can keep confidence in their balanced attack. 

In other results the top sides in group B made no mistake. Leading Szolnok held off Spandau at home 11-7 behind 4 goals from Stefan Mitrovic. Primorje won a high-scoring battle with Galatasaray. The game finished on a 12-goal 4th quarter in which the visitors from Istanbul netted 7 goals. However Primorje were not to be misled as they had already build a comfortable 11-4 up until then. Damir Buric scored a team-high 4 goals for the winners while Montenegrin international Vjekoslav Paskovic did so for Galatasaray. Also winning was Jug who rebounded from their 12-12 draw with Galatarasay in the previous round by topping Partizan 13-6 at home on Saturday. The home side walked away in the second quarter and did not looked back. Miho Boskovic (Jug) and Gavril Subotic (Partizan) earned top scoring honours for their respective teams. The final day of the prelims will be played on Saturday 2 May.

Champions League 2014-2015
Preliminary round

Day 9

Friday, 17 April:

AN Brescia (ITA) vs. CN Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP) 12-4 (1-0, 4-2, 3-0, 4-2)

Brescia scorers: Guillermo Molina 3, Nicholas Presciutti 3, Valerio Rizzo 2, Christian Presciutti, Federico Pagani, Alessandro Nora, Michaël Bodegas.

Barceloneta scorers: Felipe Perrone 2, Francisco Fernandez, Gonzalo Lopez-Escribano.

Saturday, 18 April:

Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) vs. Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) 16-11 (2-2, 6-1, 3-1, 5-7)

Primorje scorers: Damir Buric 4, Cosmin Radu 3, Petar Muslim 2, Marko Elez 2, Andelo Setka 2, Ivan Krapic, Ivan Buljubasic, Xavi Garcia.

Galatasaray scorers: Vjekoslav Paskovic 4, Mladjan Janovic 2, Safak Simsek, Filip Kljajevic, Slobodan Nikic, Mihajlo Korolija, Srdjan Aksentijevic.

VK Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 7-8 (2-1, 0-2, 3-1, 2-4)
Radnicki scorers: Ivan Basara 3, Nebojsa Toholj, Srdjan Vuksanovic, Nikola Dedovic, Marko Cuk.

Olympiacos scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 2, Nikola Radjen 2, Evangelos Delakas, Konstantinos Mourikis, Blai Mallarach, Alexandros Gounas.

Szolnoki VSK (HUN) vs. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER) 11-7 (3-1, 3-2, 4-3, 1-1)
Szolnok scorers: Stefan Mitrovic 4, Marton Vamos 2, Denes Varga 2, Zivko Gocic, Norbert Madaras, David Jansik.

Spandau scorers: Maurice Jüngling 2, Philipp Gottfried 2, Mateo Cuk, Marin Restovic, Tim Donner.

Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) 13-6 (2-1, 4-1, 2-3, 5-1)

Jug scorers: Miho Boskovic 3, Marko Macan 2, Nikola Janovic 2, Aaron Younger 2, Loren Fatovic, Ante Viskovic, Nicolas Constantin-Bicari, Paulo Obradovic.

Partizan scorers: Gavril Subotic 3, Filip Jankovic, Nemanja Vico, Nemanja Radonjic.

Pro Recco (ITA) vs. ZF-Eger (HUN) 11-9 (4-1, 2-5, 3-3, 2-0)

Pro Recco scorers: Aleksandar Ivovic 2, Andrija Prlainovic 2, Dusko Pijetlovic, Maro Jokovic, Pietro Figlioli, Alex Giorgetti, Maurizio Felugo, Matteo Aicardi, Filip Filipovic.

Eger scorers: Milos Cuk 3, Balazs Erdelyi 2, Daniel Angyal, Gergö Zalanki, Marton Szivos, Boris Vapenski.

The current standings are:

Group A
1. Pro Recco 9 - 27 pts
2. ZF-Eger 9 - 13
3. C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 9 - 11
4. Olympiacos Piraeus 9 - 10
5. VK Radnicki Kragujevac 9 - 9
6. AN Brescia 9 - 8

Group B
1. Szolnoki VSK 9 - 24 pts
2. Primorje EB Rijeka 9 - 21
3. Jug CO Dubrovnik 9 - 19
4. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 9 - 6
5. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin 9 - 6
6. Galatasaray Istanbul 9 - 4

* Hosts Barceloneta automatically qualified for Final Six (28-30 May in Barcelona)
* Top 2 (ex Barceloneta, group A) and top 3 (group B) qualify for Final Six.
* Group winners advance to Final Six semifinals directly.

Champions League, prelims, Day 9 – Summary
Olympiacos stays alive
In Group A, Olympiacos (GRE) stayed alive by beating Radnicki (SRB) but Eger (HUN) needs only one point on the last day to book the last berth of the Final Six. The other Hungarian side, Szolnok also needs one point to secure the top spot in Group B, though it’s going to be tough to collect in Rijeka (CRO).
Eger was a shot and three minutes away to book its Final Six berth already on the penultimate day of the prelims. The Hungarian champion was rather close to cause an upset and earn at least a draw in Recco (ITA), even led in the third period but couldn’t score in the last one, though had a man-up at 10-9, while the host Italians managed to net two goals to earn a narrow win. Recco has long secured the top spot in the group and on its way to finish the prelims with a perfect scoreline.
With Eger losing, the gate remained open in front of Olympiacos (GRE), as the Greeks produced an amazing finish in Kragujevac (SRB). In a do-or-die game the Serbs seemed to have taken control on the match as they led 7-5 early in the fourth period but Olympiacos scored three unanswered goals in the last four minutes. Still, the Greeks need some help to go through: they can reach the Final Six only in case Barceloneta (ESP) beats Eger in Eger on Day 10 (Barceloneta holds a granted berth as the host of the finals).
The chance for this might be minimal if the Spaniards repeat the performance they offered in Brescia in this round. The title-holders were soundly beaten by the other Italian participant: though Brescia lost its chance to travel to Barcelona, they bid a fine farewell to their fans by producing the best showing of the prelims.
Group B saw three one-sided matches as expected since the three top-ranked sides all played at home. Primorje (CRO) had a 9-0 rush after being 2-3 down against Galatasaray (TUR), deciding the outcome in three quarters – the last period was memorable, however, bringing 12 goals, 7 of them scored by the Turks.
Jug Dubrovnik (CRO) dominated throughout the match against Partizan (SRB) and with a strong finish – netting 5 goals in the last period – they earned a convincing win.
This time Szolnok (HUN) couldn’t come up with the usual spectacular display in attack, the Hungarians lacked the speed and freshness but their win wasn’t in danger at any stage of the match. They lead the group but need at least a point in Rijeka where they will have a great showdown against Primorje on Day 10.
Champions League, Prelims, Day 9
Group A
AN Brescia (ITA) vs. CN Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP) 12-4
Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 7-8
Pro Recco (ITA) vs. ZF-Eger (HUN) 11-9
1. Recco 27, 2. Eger 13, 3. Barceloneta 11, 4. Olympiacos 10, 5. Radnicki 9, 6. Brescia 5
Group B
Primorje Erste Banka Rijeka (CRO) vs. Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) 16-11
Szolnoki Dozsa-Kozgep (HUN) vs. Spandau 04 Berlin (GER) 11-7
Jug Croatia Osiguranje Dubrovnik (CRO) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) 13-6
1. Szolnok 24, 2. Primorje 21, 3. Jug 19, 4. Partizan 6, 5. Spandau 6, 6. Galatasaray 4

L’Atlètic-Barceloneta busca davant el Brescia poder ser segon (BTV)

Queden dues jornades per acabar la fase de grups de la Champions League de Waterpolo i l'Atlètic-Barceloneta vol arribar a l'última jornada amb opcions d'acabar segons. Els mariners s'enfrontaran al Brescia en la penúltima jornada i una victòria a Itàlia els mantindria amb opcions de poder arribar a la Final Six sent els segons del grup A

El C.N.Atlètic-Barceloneta perd contra el Brescia

El C.N.Atlètic- Barceloneta perd el partit de Champions contra l'AN Brescia per 12 a 4 Aquest encontre era el penúltim partit de la fase eliminatòria de la màxima competició europea de clubs. En aquests moments els mariners tenen 11 punts i encara són tercers de grup a l'espera del què passi demà amb el Radnicki - Olympiacos. Els italians que ja no es jugaven res en aquest partit han sumat 3 punts i ja en tenen 8 quedant de moment penúltims. 

El proper encontre, i última abans de la Final Six, serà el 2 de maig contra el Eger a Hongria

Derrota del Barceloneta en Brescia (12—4)

Derrota del Barceloneta en Brescia (12—4)

17/04/2015 - En la penúltima jornada de la Champions League de waterpolo, el CN Atlètic Barceloneta no ha podido vencer a una AN Brescia muy motivada a pesar de no tener opciones ya de clasificarse para la Final Six. Con esta derrota, los de Chus Martín se quedan con esos 11 puntos que tenían antes del choque a expensas de lo que hagan sus perseguidores.
Inicio demoledor del conjunto italiano, con un Guillermo Molina muy enchufado ante la visita del conjunto marinero y que ha anotado el único tanto que se ha visto en el primer cuarto. Unos primeros ocho minutos que han visto como Albert Español desaprovechaba la oportunidad de poner las tablas en el marcador al marrar un penalti a mediados del periodo.
Han seguido entonados los transalpinos en el inicio del segundo cuarto, cuando un parcial de 3-0 les ha colocado con cuatro goles de renta (dos los ha firmado el ceutí Guillermo Molina, que seguía extramotivado). Fran Fernández ha estrenado la cuenta marinera, aunque otro tanto local y el de Lalo López-Escribano han dejado el 5-2 al descanso.
No han reaccionado los barceloneses en el tercer periodo, en el que el Brescia ha logrado sentenciar la contienda con un parcial de 2-1 que ha dejado KO a los de Chus Martín. Otro 3-0 al inicio del último cuarto ha ampliado la diferencia hasta los siete tantos. Felipe Perrone ha marcado dos dianas en los últimos minutos que han conseguido maquillar un marcador final de 12-4.
En la jornada final, el CNAB visitará al ZF Eger húngaro.
Comunicación RFEN. Foto: El CN Atlètic-Barceloneta, antes de comenzar su encuentro en Italia ante AN Brescia

El Barceloneta visita a un Brescia sin opciones

El Barceloneta visita a un Brescia sin opciones

17/04/2015 - Por primera vez en lo que va de fase de grupos, la jornada de Champions se disputará en viernes, por lo que el CN Atlètic Barceloneta se ha visto obligado a posponer su partido de Liga (día 22 a las 20.45h ante CN Sant Andreu) para librar esta penúltima fecha de la máxima competición de clubes. Los de Chus Martín viajaron hasta Italia, donde se verán las caras esta tarde (19.15h) con un AN Brescia que ya no tiene opciones matemáticas de clasificarse para la Final Six de Barcelona.
Tercero con 11 puntos después de su brillante y sufrido triunfo frente al Radnicki serbio (9-7) en la última jornada, el conjunto marinero sigue afrontando sin presión (está clasificado para la Final Six al ejercer como anfitrión) esta fase de grupos de la Champions, en la que están teniendo una actuación claramente al alza y que quieren redondear en estas dos fechas que quedan contra Brescia y ZF Eger. El choque tendrá lugar mañana sábado a las 19.00h en la piscina La Marmora de la ciudad transalpina.
Cabe recordar que el partido de la primera vuelta se saldó con un empate a siete, que lograron los italianos cuando apenas quedaba un minuto y medio para la finalización del encuentro. Lo cierto es que actualmente los barceloneses pasan por un momento de forma bastante dulce, mientras que su rival de mañana, donde juega el español Guillermo Molina, con cinco puntos en su haber, enterró cualquier opción de clasificación en el último choque disputado en Hungría ante Eger (10-5).

Se juega el todo por el todo el Olympiacos de Blai Mallarach, que tiene un compromiso a vida o muerte en serbia contra un Radnicki (18.00h) que también debe sumar los tres puntos para mantener sus opciones de estar en la Final Six hasta la jornada final. Después de caer ante Pro Recco en Grecia, los del Pireo son quintos con siete puntos, a seis del segundo clasificado, el ZF Eger. En la ida el triunfo fue claro para Olympiacos (13-7).
En el Grupo B, donde está todo ya casi decidido, el Primorje Rijeka de Xavi García, segundo con 18 puntos, recibe en Croacia al último clasificado, un Galatasaray que tan solo suma cuatro puntos. A tres puntos del líder, el húngaro Szolnoki, se encuentran los balcánicos.
Comunicación RFEN. Foto: Lalo López Escribano, en un lance del pasado CNAB-Radnicki / RFEN

Radnicki starts daunting quest

With just two more rounds to play in the Champions League preliminary phase it is all or nothing for Serbian side Radnicki in the race for the last Final Six berth. The Serbian cup winners on Saturday host Olympiacos and will need a win in order to keep the pressure on current group A 2nd seed ZF-Eger. And even in case of a victory over the Greek powerhouse Radnicki has the daunting task of upsetting undefeated group leaders Pro Recco to complete their quest for the Final Six. Even more challenging will be the fact that Olympiacos recorded a solid 13-7 win over Radnicki at home on day 2 so now the young Serbian side know what it's up to going into the penultimate round of action on Saturday. And Olympiacos are not yet eliminated either. Holding a positive goal scoring difference over 2 match-ups with Eger, the Greek squad could still turn around the Final Six race if they win their final pair of prelims matches. 
Kicking off day 9 though are Brescia and Barceloneta who will meet on Friday already in Italy. The Final Six hosts are already secured of a spot in the late May tournament at home in Barcelona, while Brescia hopes to get away from the last spot in group A displaying a disappointing campaign for the ambitious Italian runners-up so far. A 7-7 draw in the teams meeting in Barcelona on day 2 could promise a close game on Friday. 

Elsewhere the following day group A leaders Pro Recco host ZF-Eger in the top match-up of the day despite the fact that Recco proved too strong in Eger in round 2 walking away to a 4-12 victory. The Hungarian champions since then have played a capricious preliminary phase but were there went it counted the most to currently ranked 2nd in the group and being very close to securing the final berth for the Final Six tournament. 

In group B the top sides avoid each other once more on Saturday as the battle for the top spots in group continues but is unlikely to change after Saturday's round, especially since Szolnok, Primorje and Jug enjoy home games. Primorje will be sharp to not be surprised by Galatasaray as fellow Croatian side Jug was in the last round drawing level 12-12 after a late comeback. Jug meanwhile on Saturday host the young Partizan squad, who are gearing up for the domestic play-offs and gave the Dubrovnik based side a hard time in Belgrade on day 2 as Jug there won 3-5 but on Saturday will still be playing without starting centre forward Niksa Dobud, provisionally suspended by FINA for all competition due to alleged anti-doping rule violation following Croatia's World League match in Montenegro back in March. Group leaders Szolnok hosts German squad Spandau as the Germans will be looking to improve on the 7-17 loss to the Hungarian favourites on day 2 at home while Szolnok looks more and more improved as a team ready to play for the trophies in the upcoming crunch time of the season.

Champions League 2014-2015
Preliminary round

Day 9

Friday, 17 April:

19.00: AN Brescia (ITA) vs. CN Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP)

Saturday, 18 April:

17.15: Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) vs. Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR)
18.00: VK Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE)
18.00: Szolnoki VSK (HUN) vs. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER)
19.00: Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB)
20.30: Pro Recco (ITA) vs. ZF-Eger (HUN)

The current standings are:

Group A
1. Pro Recco 8 - 24 pts
2. ZF-Eger 8 - 13
3. VK Radnicki Kragujevac 8 - 9
4. C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 8 - 11
5. Olympiacos Piraeus 8 - 7
6. AN Brescia 8 - 5

Group B
1. Szolnoki VSK 8 - 21 pts
2. Primorje EB Rijeka 8 - 18
3. Jug CO Dubrovnik 8 - 16
4. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 8 - 6
5. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin 8 - 6
6. Galatasaray Istanbul 8 - 4

N.b.: times mentioned are local time.

* Hosts Barceloneta automatically qualified for Final Six (28-30 May in Barcelona)
* Top 2 (ex Barceloneta, group A) and top 3 (group B) qualify for Final Six.
* Group winners advance to Final Six semifinals directly.

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