16 agosto 2015

International Water Polo Tournament 9th Darko Cukic Memorial (New LEN Referees)

Ten U15 teams to battle for Memorial Darko Cukic

The VII Memorial Darko Cukic in Belgrade, Serbia will once more be the most important men's junior tournament for U15 teams. This year ten teams from nine nations are battling for the trophy, including some powerhouses in world water polo like Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greeece and Serbia. This year's edition will be contested the indoor-pool of the Banjica Sports Centre, the home pool of eight-time European Cup winner Partizan Belgrade. The first results from Belgrade are as follows

VII Memorial Darko Cukic 2013 - Men's U15 Nation Tournament in Belgrade, Serbia    
Preliminary round groups
Group A
Group B
Serbia B
Fixtures and results
Wednesday, 14 August 2013
14:30 Italy vs. Serbia 11-5
15:50 Hungary vs. Croatia 7-8
17:10 Canada vs. Slovakia 4-6
18:40 Serbia vs. Germany 16-2
Thursday, 15 August 2013
08:30 Germany vs. Hungary
09:50 Serbia B vs. Canada
11:10 Montenegro vs. Italy
12:30 Greece vs. Serbia
14:30 Slovakia vs. Serbia B
15:50 Croatia vs. Germany
18:30 Hungary vs. Greece
Friday, 16 August 2013
08:30 Italy vs. Canada
09:50 Montenegro vs. Slovakia
11:10 Greece vs. Croatia
12:30 Serbia vs. Hungary
14:30 Hungary vs. Greece
15:50 Greece vs. Germany
17:10 Serbia B vs. Montenegro
18:30 Croatia vs. Serbia
Saturday, 17 August 2013
08:00 B3 vs. A2
09:20 B2 vs. A3
10:40 B1 vs. A4
12:00 A1 vs. B4
14:30 A5 vs. B5 - match for 9th place
15:50 L B3/A2 vs. L B2/A3
17:10 L B1/A4 vs. L A1/B4
18:30 W B3/A2 vs. W B2/A3
19:50 W B1/A4 vs. W A1/B4
Sunday, 18 August 2013
08:00 Match for 7th place
09:20 Match for 5th place
10:40 Match for 3rd place
12:00 Final game
Victory ceremony

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