11 mayo 2015

Final Play Off 2015 ITALIA (videos) Pro Recco - AN Brescia

serie finale 2014-15

Pro Recco wins finals opener

The defending champs have taken a 1-0 lead in the finals of the Italian championship. Pro Recco have made a first step towards another successful attempt to defend their national championship trophy by beating main rivals Brescia at home 8-4 in the opener Sunday. The encounter looked a done deal for the home team already after 3 quarters as they had established a seemingly comfortable 6-2 lead. A pair of unanswered goals, scored by top scorers Alex Giorgetti and Matteo Aicardi, had put Recco in the driver's seat in the third period. Brescia, through standout Guillermo Molina, responded twice in the 4th quarter, but saw Aicardi and Maurizio Felugo being right there to counter so that the 1-0 lead for Recco was reached in solid fashion. Game 2 is up next Wednesday.

Italian championship

Finals (best-of-5)

Game 1

Sunday 10-05:

PRO RECCO N. E PN vs. A.N.BRESCIA 8-4 (1-0, 3-2, 2-0, 2-2)
PRO RECCO N. E PN: Tempesti S., Lapenna F., Prlainovic A. 1, Figlioli P. 1, Giorgetti A. 2, Felugo M. 1, Giacoppo M., Di Fulvio F., Pijetlovic, Fondelli A., Aicardi M. (pictured) 2, Gitto N. 1, Pastorino G. 

A.N.BRESCIA: Del Lungo M., Bruni L., Presciutti C., Pagani F., Molina G. 3, Rizzo V., Giorgi D., Nora A., Presciutti N., Bodegas M. 1, Fiorentini D. , Napolitano C., Dian B.

Full match replay, click here.

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