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Day 8 Champions League 26/04/14


Partizan secures Final Six spot - Champions League day 8 results

|Wednesday 26 March 2014, 17:52|Tim Hartog
© Vojislav Petrovic
Only 3 games remained for ZF Eger to collect 6 points and meet the Champions League target set by the club management after Norbert Dabrowski was appointed head coach. Opponent JUG Dubrovnik has known better times as well. The dominance of rivals Primorje Rijeka in the Adriatic league and a couple of losses in big European games led to the demotion of former Jug head coach Veselin Đuho while Miho Bobić was promoted from the youth squad to now be responsible for the first team.
The Croatians are still very much in the race for Champions League Final 6 qualification though.

ZF-Eger started the game without Barcelona World Champions Miklos Gor-Nagy and Balazs Harai who are both sitting out a shoulder injury.

In the first period Jug defended well while at the same time their offence proved to be much more efficient than Eger’s. Goals from Boskovic, who grew to be Eger’s nemesis today with a total of 4 goals, and Nikola Janovic put the hosts on a 2-goal lead ahead of the first break.
During the following 3 periods Eger fought hard to overcome this 2-goal trail, however whenever the hosts came closer Croatian champions Jug responded by taking the lead again.
With just over 2 minutes remaining in the final period Eger still had everything in own hands.
From a quick break captain Péter Biros found youngster Krisztián Bedő who stayed calm and put the score on 8-8.
Jug reacted as they had been doing the entire game though.
Strong centre-forward play by Croatian international Niksa Dobud put the guests up ahead again, and when wasteful passing of Biros led to loss of possession for Eger the attending fans knew that, yet again, today was not going to be their day to celebrate. To put some extra salt in the wounds veteran Pavo Markovic cashed in on a late Jug man-up to set the final score on 8-10.

Text: Kevin Vernooij, Hungary correspondent.

Radnicki not to be surprised by Spandau

Meanwhile in group B Radnicki continued their dominance and unbeaten run by holding off German opponent Spandau 16-10. The start by the Serbian side was far from impressive as a buzzer-beating halfcourt shot by Marko Stamm skipped in past goalie Zdravko Radic to display a 4-3 score on the boards at quarter-time. But Radnicki started rolling from there on quickly walking away in the second period thanks to a balanced attack and finished the game off by againe extending their margin to the clear six goals at the end.

Partizan joins group B powerhouses in Final Six

The participants in the Champions League Final Six tournament out of group B are know known after Partizan secured their spot with the Elite in Barcelona late May thanks to a 7-9 win at Oradea, Romania. The visitors enjoyed a storming start grabbing a 1-5 lead in the opening period, a quick 4-goal margin that eventually proved decisive. Oradea hung on and got back in the game in the third period thanks to a 4-1 run. But that was still not enough although the pressure on Partizan was visible. However in a tense final term the young Vladimir Vujasinovic coached side was there on defence when it counted the most including on a late man-down possession with under a minute remaining which led to a forced and heavily guarded shot from Kalman Kadar that was saved by Partizan goalkeeper Stefan Živojinović and secured the win for Partizan. The team who is suffering from severe financial difficulties the Partizan club, a 7-time European club champion, is going through remained focus throught their Champions League campaign so far and got rewarded by qualifying to play for the Champions League title once after hosting the Final Four tournament last year in Belgrade.

Brescia consolidates second place

Brescia posted a solid win over Galatasaray on Wednesday in Istanbul edging the home side 5-10. A furious star by the Italian visitors set the tone straight away as the scoreboard showed a clear 0-3 at the first break. The Turkish side got involved from there a bit more keeping the race tied in the second period before Brescia showed off their strength, a balanced and varied attack led once again by French centre forward Michael Bodegas, one of the multiple additions for the Italian runners-up last summer and an absolute revelation so far. Galatasaray saw the opponents walking even further away in the third period in which the game was basically decided as the visitors enjoyed a comfortable 4-9 lead going into the final term. A goal apiece in the final eight minutes just changed the score as Brescia consolidated their second spot en route to Barcelona.

Primorje edges Olympiacos, now close to winning group A

Meanwhile in group A Primorje still leads the pack. In another challenging encounter hosting Olympiacos, who are on a strong stint recently, the Greek side showed once again to be perfectly capable of rolling with Europe's best as they kept Primorje busy for at least three quarters in a tight game that saw tied scores in three of the four periods. However Champions League title favorites Primorje made the difference in the third session keeping Olympiacos scoreless while hitting two temselves and that run proved decisive in a game of details as the Rijeka based side went on to win 10-8. The hosts added another important three points to their total now looking well underway to win group A and qualify for the Final Six semi-finals directly.

Pro Recco beats Barceloneta to set up exciting Final Six race climax

In the final game on Wednesday it was 2012 European champion Pro Recco who hosted Barceloneta in another important match-up in group A. The Italians came up big obviously aware of the stakes taking the lead right from the start to not giving that away. A strong defensive display, reminding of the strong defensive team that coach Porzio had set up in the 2012 campaign, made life hard for the visitors while getting a variety of goals thanks to the well-known balanced attack on the other end. It simply proved too much for the Final Six hosts who had to settle for an 11-6 loss in a currently up-and-down series that saw Barcelona beating Jug 8-9 on day 7 after a double loss to Olympiacos in the previous rounds. The situation in group A is now getting more and more tense as the two major contenders to join group leaders Primorje and the qualified side of Barceloneta into the Final Six are tied again at 13 points with just two more matches to go. Based on the schedule Pro Recco looks to have the better papers facing the group's bottom two ranked sides in the final games while Jug hosts Primorje on day 9 followed by a visit to Greece to battle Olympiacos in the final game.

Champions League 2013-2014
Preliminary phase

Matchday 8 fixtures and results

Wednesday 26 March

Group A

ZF-Eger (HUN) vs. Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) 8-10 (0-2, 3-3, 2-2, 3-3)
Eger scorers: Zsolt Varga 2, Kevin Graham 2, Kristian Bedö 2, Erik Bundshuh, Peter Biros.

Jug scorers: Miho Boskovic (pictured) 4, Nikola Janovic, Hrvoje Benic, Andro Buslje, Josip Sutalo, Niksa Dobud, Pavo Markovic.

Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 10-8 (4-4, 2-2, 2-0, 2-2)
Primorje scorers: Denes Varga 2, Petar Muslim 2, Paulo Obradovic 2, Antonio Petrovic, Daniel Varga.

Olympiacos scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 2, Angelos Vlachopoulos 2, Blai Mallarach 2, Anastasios Schizas 2.

Pro Recco (ITA) vs. C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP)  11-6 (3-1, 3-2, 2-1, 3-2)
Pro Recco scorers: Aleksandar Ivovic 3, Pietro Figlioli 2, Alex Giorgetti 2, Mladan Janovic 2, Matteo Aicardi, Massimo Giaccoppo.

Barceloneta scorers: Albert Español 3, Felipe Perrone 2, Nemanja Ubovic.

Current standings are as follows:

1. Primorje EB Rijeka 8 - 19 pts
2. Pro Recco 8 - 13
3. C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 8 - 13
4. Jug CO Dubrovnik 8 - 13
5. Olympiacos Piraeus 8 - 9
6. ZF-Eger 8 - 3

Group B

VK Radnicki Kon Tiki Kragujevav (SRB) vs. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER) 16-10 (4-3, 4-1, 3-4, 5-2)

Radnicki scorers: Ivan Basara 3, Boris Zlokovic 3, Filip Filipovic 3, Damir Buric 2, Djordje Filipovic 2, Michael Rosenthal, Vedran Cirkovic, Milos Milicic.

Spandau scorers: Moritz Oeler 3, Petar Markovic 2, Marice Jüngling 2, Marc Politze, Erik Miers, Marko Stamm.

CSM Digi Oradea (ROU) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) 7-9 (1-5, 2-2, 4-1, 1-1)
Oradea scorers: Gheorghe Dunca 3, Tiberiu Negrean 2, Vojislav Cupic, Nicolai Diaconu.

Partizan scorers: Milos Cuk 2, Nikola Jaksic 2, Dusan Mandic, Gavril Subotic, Ivan Rackov, Luuk Gielen, Nikola Dedovic.

Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) vs. AN Brescia (ITA) 5-10 (0-3, 3-3, 1-3, 1-1)
Galatasaray scorers: Jessie Smith, Engin Colak, Ihsan Gulsoy, Alican Cagatay, Srdjan Aksentijevic.

Brescia scorers: Michael Bodegas 4, Ugo Crousillat 2, Valerio Rizo 2, Giuseppe Valentino, Francesco di Fulvio.

Current standings are as follows:

1. VK Radnicki Kon Tiki Kragujevac 8 - 24 pts
2. AN Brescia 8 - 18
3. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 8 - 15
4. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin 8 - 7
5. Galatasaray Istanbul 8 - 5
6. CSM Digi Oradea 8 - 1

El Pro Recco derrota al Barceloneta (11—6) (RFEN)

El Pro Recco derrota al Barceloneta (11—6)

26/03/2014 - El CN Atlètic—Barceloneta ha encajado una dura derrota en Sori ante el Pro Recco por 11—6 en el encuentro correspondiente a la 8ª jornada de la Champions League, celebrado esta noche. Este marcador propicia un triple empate con los dos equipos y el Jug en la segunda plaza de grupo, que encabeza un Primorje que tendrá suficiente con sumar un solo punto para asegurarse matemáticamente el liderato.
LLega la recta final de la fase regular de la Champions, que tanto CN Atlètic-Barceloneta como Pro Recco afrontan en los puestos de privilegio del competido grupo A. En el día de hoy, ambos partían con la obligatoriedad de ganar, máxime tras conocer los triunfos de esta misma tarde de Primorje Rijeka ante Olympiacos (10-8) y de Jug Croatia contra ZF Eger (8-10).
El encuentro ha arrancado con un Recco muy efectivo. El conjunto genovés se ha avanzado en su primer ataque mediante Alex Giorgietti, recibiendo la réplica marinera pocos minutos después. Con posesiones largas, el Recco ha engarzado un parcial de 2-0, con tantos de Giorgietti, de nuevo, y de Aleksandar Ivovic. El Barceloneta ha gozado de pocas ocasiones claras de gol, la última de ellas con un reverso casi imposible de Gonzalo Echenique sobre la bocina.
Dani Pinedo ha intentado contagiar a los suyos tras una buena parada en el inicio del segundo tiempo, aunque una acción de superioridad anotada por Mladan Janovic ha dado a los italianos su máxima renta (4-1). Felipe Perrone ha salido al rescate español anotando en la que fue su piscina hasta 2012 el 4-2, aunque una expulsión de Fran Fernández en la acción consecutiva ha acabado con un nuevo tanto de Janovic desde el flanco izquierdo del ataque transalpino. Albert Español ha vuelto a poner a los marineros dentro del partido transformando un penalti a 3’19 del final, pero un postrero tanto del Recco con el reloj al límite del cero ha llevado al intermedio el 6-3.
En el inicio de la segunda mitad, Felipe Perrone ha enviado al fondo de la red su segundo tanto. 6-4. El Barceloneta lo seguía probando incrementando la intensidad defensiva, pero ha visto cómo en dos expulsiones consecutivas llegaban el 7-4 y el 8-4, este último tanto a tan sólo 35 segundos del límite del período.
Con todos los intentos de remontada bien apaciguados por el Recco, el último período parecía una losa difícil de levantar para el conjunto de Chus Martín. Lo han intentado, eso sí, gracias a una diana desde cinco metros en el primer minuto de Albert Español. 8-5. Pero una nueva manga de 2-0 para los transalpinos en el ecuador del período ha certificado el 10-5, imposibilitando toda remontada. En los minutos finales, un gol por equipo ha terminado por subir al electrónico el definitivo 11-6, tercera derrota anual para el Barceloneta y también la más abultada del presente año.
Este resultado deja al Primorje Rijeka como destacado líder de grupo con 19 puntos, a sólo un punto de asegurarse el liderato matemático del Grupo A. Pro Recco, Barceloneta y Jug ocupan el pelotón perseguidor, todos ellos con 13 puntos. La quinta plaza es para Olympiacos, todavía con opciones matemáticas de entrar en la Final Six, objetivo que ya no podrá alcanzar el ZF Eger, próximo rival marinero el próximo 9 de abril en la piscina de Sant Sebastià.


Do or die in Champions League group A

|Tuesday 25 March 2014, 18:00|Tim Hartog
The Champions League preliminary round group A is getting more and more down to the wire. The close and high-level composition of this six-team group has already produced several heated match-ups but will see a do-or-die situation coming up for the teams battling to qualify for the Final Six in Barcelona late May. In fact, with hosts Barceloneta nicely second ranked on the group's table just two more spots are left to join them into the league's final prestigious tournament. With matchday 8 coming up all sides know they are up for another tense moment and perhaps already decisive in some cases. Primorje is confirming their favorite-status leading the group and looks well underway to directly qualify for the Final Six semi-finals, so it's up to Pro Recco, Jug and perhaps even Olympiacos to battle for that remaing second berth. Neither of the sides are facing each other on day 8 but instead play critical matches to not fall behind in this late phase of the preliminaries. Jug is visiting ZF-Eger, the Hungarian champions who are in the midst of another dissapointing Champions League campaign with just one win so far while suffering another clear loss in the previous round as Olympiacos rolled past the Hungarians 13-5. But Jug are having their fair share of trouble. After falling just short for the second straight time on day 7 again Barceloneta at home losing 8-9, the club's management decided to swop coached and appointed youth coach Miho Bobić new senior head coach while Veselin Duho will take care of the club's youngster with immediate effect. The first big test for coach Bobić will be guiding his team to an important win in Hungary against a ZF-Eger side who is eager to gain some points in the prelims final matches after their management had sacked longtime coach Gyorgy Gerendas and appointed assistant Norbert Dabrowski as the new man in charge. With the appointment the management stated to expect Eger gaining six points out of these final matches (and reach the domestic championship play-offs finals) or otherwise financial sanctions are to follow. 

In other games in group A Olympiacos will have the daunting task of causing an upset in their match-up with current leaders Primorje in Croatia to keep their recent comeback in the standings alive and not fall behind already. But Primorje is impressing more and more as this Champions League's campaign is progressing and knowing their strong results are recently coming without the likes of Sandro Sukno who is suffering from Pfeiffer's disease and will not be expected to return within the next 2 months, their performances are even more impressive. Just over a week ago Primorje confirmed their top spot in the group by beating main rivals and 2012 champions Pro Recco to sweep the Champions League series with the main rivals winning the games 11-8 and 6-8.

Recco meanwhile will host Barceloneta. Another interesting match-up since both teams drew level 10-10 in their meeting in Barcelona on day 3 and the Italians are pretty desperate for points to hold off Jug and Olympiacos. In case of a win for the home team a situation in which the Final Six hosts are dropping out of the group's top 3 could be coming up. Barceloneta suffered a blow by falling to Olympiacos twice in a row after an impressive start to the preliminary phase but responded nicely by beating Jug 8-9 on day 7 in Dubrovnik. Recco has to bounce back from the tough 11-8 loss to Primorje just over a week ago but proved comfortable playing at home.

Can Barceloneta hold on to the good results visiting Pro Recco on Wednesday?
Photo by:

Group B

Meanwhile in group B the situation with just three rounds to be played is rather different. Dominant and unbeaten leaders Radnicki are already sure of a Final Six berth and second ranked Brescia is on the verge of joining them. A win over Turkish champions Galatasaray in Istanbul on Wednesday would pretty much seal the deal. The interesting story in group B however is the battle for the third and final place to qualify for Barcelona. Although Partizan enjoys the favorite status German record champions Spandau are not far behind and looking for an upset. A decision on the battle however is not expected before day 10 as the German side will be visiting Radnicki on Wednesday in what appears to be the most difficult game this campaign for Spandau to gain either points or confidence although the sides previous match-up in the German capital saw the home team going along quiet well to eventually loss 8-13.

Partizan is up for another challenging but pivotal game in the Champions League.

For Partizan this 8th round features a must-win or so called 'six-point' game as the Vladimir Vujasinovic side visits last ranked CSM Oradea. Despite the ranking not the easiest match-up since the Romanians are well-known for being especially tough to handle at their home. For Partizan however, knowing that the in the final two rounds the top two sides of the group will be the respective opponents, gaining three more points on Wednesday will be no less than necessary to hold off Spandau. The Serbs can count on a nice 10-4 win over Oradea at home in the Banjica pool on day 3 but coach Vujasinovic previewing this match already stated that knowing Oradea is expected to perform better at home that results doesn't mean too much going into Wednesday's encounter. What could prove an advantage though is the clear and solid 14-7 final score of last round's meeting with Galatasaray at home where Partizan showed that despite the difficult situation the club is in the young squad is eager to perform well and complete an oustanding performance by joining Europe's elite 6 in the Champions League Final Six tournament.

Champions League 2013-2014
Preliminary phase

Matchday 8 fixtures

Wednesday 26 March
Group A

18.00: ZF-Eger (HUN) vs. Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO)
18.50: Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE)
20.30: Pro Recco (ITA) vs. C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP)

Current standings are as follows:

1. Primorje EB Rijeka 7 - 16 pts
2. C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 7 - 13
3. Pro Recco 7 - 10
4. Jug CO Dubrovnik 7 - 10
5. Olympiacos Piraeus 7 - 9
6. ZF-Eger 7 - 3

Group B

18.30: VK Radnicki Kon Tiki Kragujevav (SRB) vs. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER)
20.00: CSM Digi Oradea (ROU) vs. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB)
20.30: Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) vs. AN Brescia (ITA)

Current standings are as follows:

1. VK Radnicki Kon Tiki Kragujevac 7 - 21 pts
2. AN Brescia 7 - 15
3. Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade 7 - 12
4. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin 7 - 7
5. Galatasaray Istanbul 7 - 5
6. CSM Digi Oradea 7 - 1

Pictured: Jug's Niksa Dobud (white cap) and Eger's Balint Lorincz (blue 9) represent different stakes for their respective teams but are both in need of a win. Who will come out victorious on Wednesday?


Pro Recco vs C.N.Atlètic-Barceloneta, un nou 

repte a la champions (FCN)

15:45 - Dimecres 26 de març a les 20.30 h el C.N.Atlètic-Barceloneta té una nova cita amb la Champions. Els mariners jugaran la 8a jornada de la fase elimiantòria contra el Pro Recco italià, un partit a on els dos equips buscaran la victòria, els catalans per apropar-se al lideratge i els italians per tenir opcions a la classificació per la Final Six.

Els jugadors del C.N.Atlètic-Barceloneta, amb 13 punts, són segons de la classificació a només tres punts del líder, el Primorje de Rijeka que té 16 punts. Per darrera d'ells estan els italians del Pro Recco amb 10 punts i empatats amb el Jug Dubrovnik. Cinquens són els grecs de l'Olympiakos amb 9 punts i per últim estan els hongaresos de l'Eger amb 3 punts. 

El partit del C.N.Atlètic-Barceloneta contra el Pro Recco es podrà veure en directe per Teledeporte. 

Els altres partits de la jornada són: 
18.00 h Eger - Jug 
18.50 h Primorje - Olympiacos

Próximo reto: Pro Recco—Barceloneta (20:30, TDP) (RFEN)

Próximo reto: Pro Recco—Barceloneta (20:30, TDP)

25/03/2014 - Tras sumar una valiosísima victoria en Croacia, el CN Atlètic—Barceloneta afronta su segundo gran reto consecutivo de Champions viajando a Sori para medirse al Pro Recco. Los italianos presentan este encuentro como de obligado triunfo, objetivo que también marca la senda de los marineros, que siguen a tres puntos del liderato de grupo. Teledeporte lo ofecerá en directo esta noche a las 20:30h.
El CN Atlètic-Barceloneta aterrizó ayer a mediodía en el aeropuerto de Malpensa, en Milán, y se dispone a preparar un enfrentamiento importante en la fase preliminar de Champions, que afronta mañana su 8ª jornada. Tras romper la imbatibilidad del Jug el pasado 15 de marzo, el conjunto que dirige Chus Martín se desplaza a Sori, una piscina donde sólo ha vencido el líder del Grupo A, Primorje Rijeka (6-8).
El Pro Recco apunta en sus medios propios una clara declaración de intenciones de su objetivo de esta noche a las 20:30h: “Sólo vale la victoria”. El conjunto genovés es tercero de grupo con 10 puntos, tres menos que los marineros y seis por debajo del líder, por lo que tan sólo le vale el triunfo si quiere estar en la Final Six. Llegan, eso sí, en un gran momento, tras golear en la Serie A al Savona (14-4) y de alzar su novena Coppa d’Italia, segunda consecutiva, tras vencer al Brescia en la Final (11-6).
El Barceloneta, por su parte, retoma la recta final de Champions tras realizar una preparación específica en las últimas semanas que debería dar sus frutos. Los de Chus Martín demostraron en Croacia haberse repuesto bien de su doble derrota con Olympiacos, y aspiran a doblegar a un Recco que arañó en Sant Sebastià un empate a diez goles.
El encuentro servirá para reencontrar a Felipe Perrone con su ex equipo. Perrone, que no participó en el partido de la primera vuelta, defendió el escudo genovés entre 2010 y 2012, período en el que logró una Champions, dos Ligas Italianas, una Copa y una Liga Adriática.
El Pro Recco-Barceloneta arrancará a las 20:30h y podrá seguirse en directo por Teledeporte. Los colegiados asignados para el partido son el rumano Mihai Simion y el alemán Ulrich Spiegel, con Milivoj Bebic como Delegado LEN. La octava jornada de Champions la completarán los partidos entre Primorje y Olympiacos (18:50h), y ZF Eger y Jug (18:00h). A destacar que, en el Grupo B, nuestro colegiado Jaume Teixidó ha sido designado junto al griego Spiridon Achladiotis para dirigir el CSM Digi Oradea-Partizán de Belgrado.


L’Atlètic-Barceloneta vol assaltar la piscina del Pro Recco (BTV)

L'Atlètic-Barceloneta disputa la vuitena jornada de la fase de grups de la Lliga de Campions de waterpolo. L'equip de Chus Martín s'enfrontarà, a les 20.30 h, al Pro Recco, a Itàlia. El tècnic mariner confia a guanyar als italians tal com van fer en l'última jornada a la piscina del Jug de Croàcia.


Fa 10 anys… Chiqui Sans va guanyar la seva última Copa (BTV)

Fa una dècada el Club Natació Atlètic - Barceloneta ja manava en el panorama waterpolístic espanyol. En aquesta notícia de la secció 'Ara fa 10 anys', recordem com vam explicar el triomf a la final de la Copa del Rei de la temporada 2003-2004. Els mariners van guanyar per 6 gols a 5 al Natació Barcelona de l'incombustible Toni Esteller.


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