22 diciembre 2014

Copa Serbia

Radnicki win first Serbian cup

Radnicki have won their first Serbian cup in team history. After two close attempts with each time Red Star in their way the past two years, now was the year of the Kragujevac based side. In a close final against the young Partizan team in Becej, Radnicki held on to win a low-scoring affair 4-5 and clinch their historic price. Partizan, despite coming in as underdogs, had proven to be able to beat Radnicki winning a recent match-up in the Regional league. However the 7 previous attempts all saw Radnicki coming out on top. Both sides know each other very well and that was to be seen in Monday's final. The defences worked well and goals were scarce. The difference was made in the first half where Radnicki came out scoring the only goal in the first period and netted 2 more in the second term to lead 1-3 at half-time. Just that 2-goal advantage proved decisive in the second half where Partizan tried hard but saw Radnicki holding on in a critical third period to save their advantage and that proved to be enough. Marko Petkovic was the only player to score more than once netting 2 shots for the winners. Nikola Dedovic received the trophy for Most Valuable Player. 

Serbian cup


Sunday 22-12:

Partizan vs. Radnicki 4-5 (0-1, 1-2, 2-2, 1-0)
PARTIZAN: Rističević, Gielen, Mandić 1, Vico, Subotić, Repanović, Gogov 1, Jakšić 1, Manojlović, Tanasković 1, Stojanović, Asanović, Osmanović, Lazić. Head coach: Vujasinović.

RADNIČKI: Radić, Trajković 1, Popović 1, Marković, Miličić, Vrlić, Ćirić, Basara, Vuksanović, Dedović 1, Ćuk, Petković 2, Živojinović, Toholj. Head coach: Stevanović.

Pics: Vojislav Petrovic.

Partizan, Radnicki in Serbian cup final

This year's Serbian cup final features Partizan and Radnicki. Both teams posted confident wins in the semifinals in Becej on Sunday to set up a nice showdown for the final on Monday. Partizan lived up to the expectations facing Vojvodina who were unable to endanger the Vladimir Vujasinovic coached side. Partizan took control of the match in the second period and did not let go as they went on to win 15-7. Radnicki hosted Red Star in what was an epic final last year with Red Star goalie Denis Sefik scoring a buzzer-beater to lift his team past Radnick for the cup win. Different sights this year though as both teams have changed. Now Champions League participant Radnicki was the upper side despite a 3-1 start in favour of Red Star. That early setback was turned around in the following two sessions where Radnicki proved to be the better team at this point eventually winning by a 4-goal margin: 6-10. On Sunday at 8 'o clock local time Radnicki has another shot for glory in the domestic cup tournament.

Serbian cup


Sunday 21-12:

Partizan vs. Vojvodina 15-7 (3-2, 4-1, 3-3, 5-1)
PARTIZAN: Rističević, Gielen, Mandić 3, Vico 1, Subotić 1, Repanović 2, Gogov 2, Jakšić 2, Manojlović 2, Tanasković 1, Stojanović, Asanović, Osmanović, Radojević 1. Head coach: Vujasinović.

VOJVODINA: Dobožanov, Petrovski, Maksimović, Roganović, Mitrović, Vasić 2, Gvozdanović 1, Ćatović 1, Trkulja, Marić, Matković 2, Čikvinidze, Filipović, Šiman. Head coach: Orlović.

Red Star vs. Radnički 6-10 (3-1, 0-2, 1-4, 2-3)

RED STAR: Šefik, S.Rašović 2, Drašović, Tankosić, Tomašević, Eškert, Bijelić, V.Rašović 1, Ranđelović 2, Dimitrijević, Rackov 1, Obradović, Draksimović, Jović. Head coach: Savić

RADNIČKI: Radić, Trajković, Popović 1, Marković, Miličić, Vrlić 1, Ćirić 1, Basara 1, Vuksanović, Dedović 1, Ćuk 2, Petković 2, Živojinović, Toholj 1. Head coach: Stevanović

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