22 enero 2014

FINA Waterpolo Conference

FINA World Water Polo Conference

sharing the Magic of Team Sports

Under the motto “Sharing the Magic of Team Sports”, FINA, in co-operation with the Mexican Swimming Federation, will organise on February 27-28, 2014 in Cancun (MEX) the FINA World Water Polo Conference.

The main goal of this conference is to hear from and discuss with interested parties from inside and outside the world of Water Polo, primarily focusing on new ideas about the game, how to improve its appeal and how to make our sport more universal. FINA will invite professionals from various team sports such as NBA, NHL, MLB, TV and media, Water Polo partners as well as players and important leaders from the Water Polo world. Each session at the conference will have panels led by expert moderators, who will inspire interesting debates.

Please check the most updated version of the Programme 
In highlighting the importance of this initiative, the FINA President Dr. Julio C. Maglione considered:
FINA is necessarily attentive to the constant evolution in the sport market. In this changing world, many new trends and developments have been made in all areas: the Sport has changed into a business arena made of great Stars and memorable performances, the ways to transmit it have also evolved, and the audiences that follow our best athletes are also not comparable to what existed some decades ago”.
Dr. Maglione naturally looks forward to organising this event for the benefit of the Sport: “The FINA World Water Polo Conference is the latest step in giving this Sport the place it deserves among the top team games in the world. Pioneer at Olympic level – it is part of the Games’ programme since 1900 -, it is also a pillar of Aquatics and is practiced in the five continents. This rendezvous in Cancun is primarily a forum of interaction and exchange of ideas and experiences, constituting a very healthy exercise that will certainly allow us to move forward in the right direction”.

As with previous FINA World Conferences/Conventions, FINA will provide travel assistance, accommodation and three meals per day for one representative from each National Member Federation to attend the FINA World Water Polo Conference.

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