05 octubre 2015

EuroCup 2016 Round 2

Euro Cup round 2 in Naples, Split

The Euro Cup 2nd round will be played in Naples and Split, so was determined and announced Monday. Group winners of the previous round, FTC and Mornar, now lead the groups for the second round in search of a spot in the quarterfinals. In Naples, the home of Acquachiara the Russian sides of Sintez Kazan and Kinef Kirishi complete group C while Jadran Split, host of group D in Split, face Szeged, CC Napoli and fellow Split based Mornar BS. The matches will be played next week.

Euro Cup 2015-2016
Round 2

Group C (in Naples)

FTC, Sintez Kazan, Acquachiara (host), Kinef Kirishi.

Group D (in Split)

Mornar, Szeged, CC Napoli, Jadran Split (host).

Playing dates: 16-18 October, 2015. 

First two ranked sides from both groups will qualify for the quarterfinals where they will be drawn against the four losing sides coming from the Qualification Round III of the Champions League.

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