19 marzo 2012

Final Four Women ,Kirishi 2012

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European Water Polo Club Cup Competitions
Women’s Champions Cup FINAL FOURPro Recco: the women reached the top

Half of Pro Recco’s mission is accomplished: the women‘s team has conquered Europe in the Champions Cup Final Four held in Kirishi (RUS) – the men will try to follow their example next week at the Champions League Final Four. The ladies did a great job, winning a thrilling game against the top Greek team, Vouliagmeni.
Just as in Eindhoven, at the European Championships where Italy and Greece contested the final, the last game of the most important women‘s club competition featured the best teams of the Mediterranean superpowers.
Pro Recco enjoyeda much easier route to the final as they played fellow Italian side, Orizzonte. The team from Catania has seen better days in the past, having won the title eight times, and having reached the final in last year’s edition. This time they were the weakest side in the tournament, presenting only nine field-players in Kirishi.Pro Recco cruisedright by them in their Semi Final (14-6).
Vouliagmeni had a much tougher contest against the home team. Interestingly, the first quarter of this Semi Final brought ten goals (Kirishi jumped to a 6-4 lead), while the following three saw only eight. The Russians were even 7-4 up at the beginning of the second quarter, but the Greeks climbed back and levelled the score by half-time with three action goals while the Russians missed two extra-women situations. Kirishi went ahead again in the third and held the lead for most of this quarter, but the dying seconds belonged to the Greeks: they scored at 0:37, and another at 0:07, so they went ahead before the last eight minutes. A single goal was scored in this period: Roumpesi buried a 6 on 5, and the Russians struggled with their superiorities again (missing two in three minutes) and never got closer to the Greeks.
The game for third-place was again a one-sided contest: Kirishi gave its fans something to cheer for as they beat Orizzonte 18-12. To the Italians‘ credit, they came back to 12-9 after being 10-3 down, but Nadezhda Fedotova was unstoppable, scoring six in this match.
Vouliagmeni started the final in commanding mood and took a 4-2 lead, but Recco produced a nearly perfect second period winning it 3-0 – Teresa Frassinetti netted two –, and this proved to be decisive. The Greeks tried to catch up with them desperately but they never managed to equalize. The third saw Rita Dravucz scoring a double, the second one came with 0:01 on the clock, a huge blast from the distance which killed the Greeks‘ momentum after they had come back to 5-6 at 0:11. Vouliagmeni shaved one off in the first minute of the fourth quarter, but Recco’s other Hungarian player, Dora Kisteleki sent home a 6 on5 aminute later. The Greeks missed theirs and that cost them the game: they scored one more but it came with 36 seconds to goand Recco keptthe ball till the end.
The Italians managed to clinch the first title in their history, while Vouliagmeni, winner of the 2009 and 2010 editions, had to settle for the silver medal this time.
Women’s Champions Cup Final Four
Saturday, May 5
GMGPro Recco (ITA) – NC Vouliagmeni Athens (GRE) 8-7 (2-4, 3-0, 2-1, 1-2)
Referees: Teixido (ESP), Savinovic (CRO)
GMGPro Recco:Gigli, Abbate, Cotti 1, Kisteleki, Queirolo, Cordaro, Maggi, Begin, De Benigno, Rambaldi, Bianconi 1, Frassinetti 3, Dravucz 2.
NC Vouliagmeni: Kouvdou, Tsoukala 2, Melidoni, Xenaki, Liosi 1, Kalogerako, Asimaki 3, Roumpesi 1, Gerolymou, Kouteli, Lara, Lavi.

Third-place game:
Kinef Surgutneftegaz Kirishi (RUS) – CC Orizzonte Geymonat Catania (ITA) 18-12 (4-2, 4-0, 4-6, 6-4)
Semi Finals (Friday, May 4):
Vouliagmeni (GRE)–Kinef Kirishi (RUS) 10–8 (4-6, 3-1, 2-1, 1-0)
Pro Recco (ITA)–Orizzonte Catania (ITA) 14–6 (5-3, 3-2, 2-1, 4-0)

Alla sua prima partecipazione la squadra di Volpi
segna il suo nome nell'albo d'oro dopo un incontro
bellissimo con il Vouliagmeni

Άγγιξε τον άθλο της κατάκτησης του τρίτου Κυπέλλου πρωταθλητριών η γυναικεία ομάδα πόλο του Ομίλου μας αλλά δεν τα κατάφερε. Ηττήθηκε 8-7 στον τελικό από την ιταλική Προ Ρέκκο και πήρε την 2η θέση στο Final Four Champions Cup στο Κίρισι. Δηλώσεις
Η ομάδα μας "προδόθηκε" απο τα χαμηλά ποσοστά στον παίκτη παραπάνω αφού σημείωσε μόλις τρια γκολ στις δέκα ευκαιρίες που της δόθηκαν. Αντίθετα ήταν σχεδόν άριστη στην άμυνα δυσκολεύοντας ιδιαίτερα τις Ιταλίδες.
Pro Recco wins Champions Cup
In their very first year of existence, the women's squad of powerhouse Pro Recco clinched the Champions Cup. On Saturday in the final, Vouliagmeni was beaten 7-8 to get to the first and unique highest European club competition victory. After a furious start from Vouliagmeni, who led 4-2 after the first quarter courtesy of Asimaki (2), Roumpesi and Tsoukala goals, the Italian side looked to have found a ritme and answers to the strong Greek offence, turning the game around in the second and third quarter leading 5-7 heading in to the final period. In the fourth quarter, Vouliagmeni came back twice to cut the deficit to just one (6-7 and 7-8) but despite some opportunities, the Greeks could not equalise. Pro Recco-captain Teresa Frassinetti was huge for her team scoring three goals, including two in a row that brought Pro Recco back to tie at four, after their 4-2 deficit. Alexandra Asimaki was her team high-scorer with three as well. In the first game of the day the Bronze medal was taken by the home team Kinef Kirishi defeating Orizzonte 18-12 behind six goals from Nadezda Fedotova.

Vouliagmeni women lose in Euro final

Pro Recco Campioni di Europa

La Pro Recco women
sul tetto d'Europa
Grande prova delle ragazze di Tempestini che superano ancora una volta il Vouliagmeni. Orizzonte quarto


Final Four Womens Kirishi 2012 , Vouliagmeni-Pro Recco 05.05.12

04.05.2012 In the “Italian Derby” “PRO RECCO” appeared to be stronger
The second semi-final of the European Champions Cup where two Italian teams – “Orizzonte” and “PRO RECCO” met, came to the end with a sure victory with “PRO RECCO” - 14:6.
The intrigue in a game existed only in its first half. “PRO RECCO” grasped an initiative from the first minutes, but the goal of the most experienced Tania Dimario in the ending of the second quarter allowed “Orizzonte” to finish the first game part with hope to break a game course – a score difference was only three goals (5:8). However “Orizzonte” couldn’t do more than that, moreover only 11 people instead of 13 were declared.
Riccardo TEMPESTINI, the head coach of “PRO RECCO”:
- We are very glad to win this game, debuting on tournament of such level. Whether there was a surprise rather easy game for us? To some extent yes and, we know well the today's rival on the national championship and were adjusted on serious fight.
Giuseppe LA DELFA, the coach of “Orizzonte”:
- It is difficult to make comments on such game when we didn’t work out well. As for a tomorrow's game for the third place to motivate team on such meeting will be difficult – we hoped to play in the final –. However, Kirishi’s team who lost the semi-final, has just the same situation.
“PRO RECCO” – “Orizzonte” - 14:6 (5:3, 3:2, 2:1, 4:0)
04.05.2012 The Greek “Vouliagmeni” became the first finalist of the Champions Cup
In the first semifinal match of the European Champions Cup the Greek club “Vouliagmeni” won a victory over "KINEF-Surgutneftegas" (Kirishi, Russia) – 10:8.
In the first period Russians possessed the initiative and used not too sure actions of the rival’s goalkeeper Eleni Kouvdou at the beginning of the game. However after six goals thrown by hostesses of the pool in the first period, their game in attack obviously got bad. As a result “Vouliagmeni” liquidated score difference, and Christina Tsoukala's goal in three seconds till the end of the third quarter (after it “Vouliagmeni” led – 9:8), seemingly, demoralized Russians. As a result in a final quarter they didn't use some fine chances for a gate capture
Konstantinos DIMOU, the head coach of “Vouliagmeni”: - We began a little nervously, but then adjusted game – first of all, in defense. Our game in the majority became very important factor: 6 successful goals at man-up out of 8 attempts is an excellent indicator.
Alexandr KABANOV, the head coach of “KINEF-Surgutneftegas”:
- It is always disappointingly to lose at home. Today girls have not managed with the desire to play well addressing to the tribunes, and have allowed a lot of absolutely unusual mistakes for them. In the only one fourth period they have not realized two or three not 100 percent, and even 150 percent moments. It is a pity, but our dream should be postponed for a year.
VOULIAGMENI – KINEF-Surgutneftegas – 10:8 (4:6, 3:1, 2:1, 1:0)
Final Four Womens Kirishi 2012 ,Kineff-Orizzonte 05.05.12
Final Four Womens Kirishi 2012 , Vouliagmeni-Kineff 04.05.12 Final Four Womens Kirishi 2012 , Orizzonte-Pro Recco 04.05.12


Women Champions Cup
Pro Recco in finale
La formazione di Tempestini affonda un'Orizzonte ormai allo sbando. In finale anche il Vouliagmeni che batte il Kirishi

Finale Vouliagmeni-Recco

Vouliagmeni and Pro Recco in Champions Cup final
This year's Champions Cup final will be a contest between two powerhouses. Greek representative Vouliagmeni stopped home team Kinef Kirishi 10-8 while the all-Italian clash between Orizzonte and newcomer Pro Recco ended in a clear 6-14 win for the Genua residents. On Saturday, both teams will decide who will be the successor of Spanish last year champion C.N. Sabadell, who missed out on qualification for the Final Four this year. On Friday, Vouliagmeni clearly relied on their big players in the tough match against Kinef. Big plays and shots on key moments from players like Christian Tsoukala, Antiopi Melidoni and Antigoni Roumpesi, while Alexandra Asimaki was a big threat on the centre-forward position scoring two fine goals, proved too much for the Russians who got off to a high-scoring 4-6 start but could not maintain that offensive level the rest of the game. For Pro Recco, the game seemed easier, especially in the second half, as eight-time Cup winners Orizzonte tried their best but could not force anything. Pro Recco will be playing for their first European title in team history. Their precursor Rapallo Nuoto was the 2011 LEN Trophy winner.

Venerdì 4 e sabato 5 maggio si gioca la Final Four di Coppa Campioni femminile. Protagoniste la GMG Pro Recco e la Venosan Catania, che si affronteranno in semifinale. L’altro incontro è tra le greche del Vouliagmeni e le russe del Kinef Kirishi. Segue il programma delle partite e gli arbitri designati.

Next stop Kirishi
The next chance to win a title in the Olympic season will be offered on Saturday, but this will happen on a pretty different stage. Starting tomorrow afternoon, the Final Four of the Women ‘s European Champions Cup will be contested in Kirishi, Russia. On the semi-final day two-time winner Vouliagmeni NC from Greece is facing the home team of Kinef Surgutneftegas Kirishi to be joined by an all-Italian clash between eight-time cup winner Orizzonte Venosan Catania and GMG Pro Recco. The four teams are battling for the succession of 2011 champion CN Sabadell from Spain which had missed this year’s final tournament.The powerhouse of Russian women’s waterpolo will host this event for the third time after 2005 and 2009 and there are pretty different outcomes thinkable. There could be a rematch of the clash Vouliagmeni NC and Orizzonte Catania which shared the three trophies between 2008 and 2010. In 2008 and 2009 both teams were even facing each other in the final game.

But there two other teams which want to win the trophy for the first time. Despite many famous players who are providing the core of the national team and many shots on the title the home team never took the European crown for club teams. And there is another rising in women’s waterpolo by the appearance of GMG Pro Recco which has taken over the team of last year’s LEN Trophy winner Rapallo Nuoto.

Women’s European Champions Cup 2012
Final Four at Kirishi, Russia
Friday, 4 May 201217:00 Vouliagmeni NC (GRE) vs. Kinef Surgutneftegas Kirishi (RUS)
18:30 Orizzonte Venosan Catania (ITA) vs. GMG Pro Recco (ITA)
Saturday, 5 May 201216:00 Bronze medal game
17:30 Final game

*****European Water Polo Club Cup Competitions
Women’s Champions Cup FINAL FOUR

Host Kinef Surgutneftegaz Kirishi hopes for first victory
Kirishi (pps) CC Orizzonte Venosan Catania, GMG Pro Recco (both from Italy), NC Vouliagmeni Athens (Greece) and Russian hosts, Kinef Surgutneftegaz Kirishi, are the outstanding quartet that has qualified for the Women’s Champions Cup “Final Four” that will be played on May 4 and 5 in Kirishi (RUS). All four teams have repeatedly qualified for final rounds of different Cup competitions in the past and they have accumulated quite a number of national and international trophies.
Additionally, all four teams have excellent national players and a few important international players. Kinef Kirishi hopes to capitalize on its home advantage to finally celebrate a big triumph – the victory in the Women’s Champions Cup. Catania has qualified for its fifth consecutive “Final Four”, carried out in the 2007-2008 season for the first time. The players from Sicily who won the first edition, surprisingly lost 8-13 last year to the Spanish hosting team, CN Sabadell Astral Pool. Catania has a total of eight Champions Cup titles to their credit and is thus the most successful team in the top women’s European club competition.
Last year’s winners from Sabadell lost in the Quarter Finals to NC Vouliagmeni of Athens. They thus failed to qualify for their second “Final Four” after their great success in 2011. Vouliagmeni won the event twice (2009 and 2010). The team of “Pro Recco”, last season active as ASD Nuoto Rapallo, has also made it into this last round. Apart from last year’s LEN Trophy, Pro Recco also won the Super Cup in 2011.
According to the draw for the Semi Finals, Vouliagmeni will play Kirishi that was fourth in Sabadell in 2011. The second Semi Final will see an “Italian duel” between Catania and Recco – a match that will bring together, and confront, nearly the entire Italian national team. The “Setterosa” won the European title at the Championships in Eindhoven last January.
The “Final Four” Participants at a Glance:
Kinef Surgutneftagaz Kirishi: Founded in 1990, the club is domiciled near St. Petersburg in the north of the country and has so far earned ten national Championship titles in a row. Additionally, the club has finished four times runner-up in the European Champions Cup; they also provide the majority of players for the Russian national team that was fourth at the European Championships in Eindhoven last January, lead by their captain, Sofya Konukh. The team is coached by Alexandr Kabanov, who is also simultaneously coach of the Russian national team who qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in London recently in Trieste (ITA).
CC Orizzonte Venosan Catania: The club from Sicily is perhaps the most successful club team in women’s water polo. Since 1994 they have won eight Champions Cup titles, most recently in 2008. Additionally, the club that was founded in 1985 has earned 19 national titles, and also won the 2008 European Super Cup. The most prominent player on the team, now coached by Martina Miceli after the recent replacement of Pierluigi Formiconi, is Tania di Mario, awarded “Most Valuable Female Player” at the European Championships last January in Eindhoven.
GMG Pro Recco: For the team who played until last year under the name “ASD Nuoto Rapallo”, the victory in the 2011 LEN Super Cup was the first big triumph for the Women’s section of “Pro Recco”. For quite some years now, the Men’s team is one of the most successful Water Polo teams in Italy, Europe, and beyond. “Rapallo” had achieved the ‘Serie A1’ title four times in a row in the past years. Seven players belong to the Italian team which took the European title last January in Eindhoven. Hungarian Rita Dravucz, 2012 European bronze medalist, is one of the most experienced players on the team. Their coach is Riccardo Tempestini.
NC Vouliagmeni: In addition to their two victories in the 2009 and 2010 Champions Cup, this team also won the LEN Super Cups of those two years. Furthermore Vouliagmeni was the 2003 LEN Trophy Winner and have accumulated nine national titles since 1991. Eight of their players won the World Championship title last year and they were also on the team that took the silver medal at the European Championships in Eindhoven. Among the stars on the team, Alexandra Asimaki stands out, having been awarded the “2011 World Water Polo Player of the Year” as well as the “2011 European Water Polo Player of the Year”. Vouliagmeni’s coach is Kostas Dimou.
Schedule – Women’s Champions Cup “Final Four”
Friday, May 4
16.00 hrs NC Vouliagmeni Athens – Kinef Surgutneftegaz Kirishi
17.30 hrs CC Orizzonte Geymonat Catania – GMG Pro Recco
Saturday, May 5
15.00 hrs Third-place game
16.30 hrs Final
Time expressed in GMT+4
Dejan Perisic (SRB) will act as LEN Technical Delegate.
The referees will be Ursula Wengenroth-Martinelli (SUI), Radu Matache (ROU), Maro Savinovic (CRO), and Jaume Teixido (ESP).
(May 2, 2012)
Streaming is also available:

Jaume en Eindhoven 2012


Jaume Teixidó arbitrará la Final Four femenina

19/03/2012 - El árbitro internacional de nuestro Comité Nacional de Árbitros, Jaume Teixidó, ha sido designado por el Comité Técnico de Waterpolo de LEN para dirigir la Final Four de la Copa de Europa Femenina en Kirishi, Rusia, que se disputará los próximos 4 y 5 de mayo.

Protagonismo español en la Final a cuatro de la Champions. Pese a la desgraciada eliminación del CN Sabadell Astralpool, que no podrá defender el título, nuestro waterpolo contará con representación en el plano arbitral. Nuestro colegiado internacional, Jaume Teixidó, compartirá tareas junto a Savinovic, de Croacia; Matache, de Rumanía, y Ursula Wengenroth-Martinelli de Suiza. En esta competición tomarán parte el Vuoliagmeni NC de Grecia, el Orizzonte Catania y el Pro Recco italianos, a los que se sumará el local Kinef Surgutneftgas Kirishi.

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