30 octubre 2015

Day 1 Champions League FULL GAMES 28/10/15 Eger-Olympiacos, OSC-JUG,At.Barceloneta-Spandau 04 i Pro Recco-Galatasaray

28 octubre 2015

Day 1 Champions League 28/10/15


L’Atlètic-Barceloneta supera l’Spandau (9-7) a la Champions (BTV)

Victòria de l'Atlètic-Barceloneta en la primera jornada de la Champions davant l'Spandau 04 de Berlín per 9 a 7. L'equip de Chus Martín ha hagut de treballar molt perquè els tres punts es quedessin a la piscina de Sant Sebastià.
Els mariners no han pogut marxar en cap moment en el marcador i a l’últim quart s’ha arribat a un ajustat 6 a 5. Al final, però, l’encert de Strahinja Rasovic, màxim anotador del partit amb cinc gols, ha estat clau en la victòria de l’Atlètic-Barceloneta

No upset in the opening round of the prelims, but in three games the underdogs were close to cause a surprise. Host teams didn’t have a good day: only two sides could win at home in the six matches.

Group A seems as balanced as ever: two goals decided the outcome in two matches, one ended in a tie. The latter one happened in Eger, where the Hungarians clashed with Olympiacos (GRE) for the third straight year. In the previous two Eger won by a single goal but in both occasions the Greeks missed a fine chance at the end – now they made it. In a thrilling contest Olympiacos levelled the score 10 seconds from time (8-8).

The prelims kicked off in Herceg Novi, where the young host team of Jadran (MNE) faced last year’s finalist, Primorje (CRO). The Croats – without two key players, Buric and Radu – controlled the match for most of the time, but the Montenegrins kept coming back, they could even equalise after being 4-7 down in the third. Less then three minutes to go it stood 9-9, but Primorje scored the last two goals (9-11).

Barceloneta (ESP) was definitely the favourite against Spandau (GER), however, the hosts of the first two editions of the Final Six struggled a bit against the Germans. Losing the key-player of their offense, Felipe Perrone (who joined Jug), Barceloneta had to restructure their game and one of their new players, Strahinja Rasovic saved the day for them by netting five goals. Still, Spandau trailed by only one before the last period but two Spanish goals after 7-6 closed down the match (9-7).

In Group B the two top sides, Recco (ITA) and Szolnok (HUN) began their respective campaigns with convincing wins. The title-holder Italians thrashed Galatasaray (TUR): though the Turks are led by Recco’s former coach, Igor Milanovic, they couldn’t withstand the pressure and were blown away in two periods. Recco led 10-2 at half-time only to ‘calm down’ for the second half (15-4).

Szolnok, just as in last season, downed the young side of Partizan (SRB) in Belgrade. The hosts fought bravely but the experienced Hungarian champions – lining up with former Partizan-players – didn’t let the young Serbs stay close, they extended the gap period by period and led 7-13 before the last eight minutes. Gavril Subotic and Marton Vamos were the respective heroes of the two teams by netting 4 goals apiece (9-14).

With Recco and Szolnok in this group, the others think there is only one spot on offer to reach the Final Six. That’s why the encounter between OSC Budapest (HUN) and Jug Dubrovnik (CRO) was labelled a decisive one. The Croats took control in the second period and seemed the better side throughout the match, however, OSC – returning to the European stage after 1979 – climbed back from 4-6 and was still on equal terms in the middle of the fourth at 7-7. But Jug’s pressing game tired the Hungarians who were unable to score in the last four minutes and the Croats earned a crucial win by netting two in the finish (7-9).

Champions League, Preliminaries, Day 1

Group A
Jadran Carine Herceg Novi (MNE) v Primorje Erste Banka Rijeka (CRO) 9-11
ZF Eger (HUN) v Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 8-8
CN Barceloneta (ESP) v Spandau 04 Berlin (GER) 9-7

Classification: 1. Primorje 3, 2. Barceloneta 3, 3-4. Eger, Olympiacos 1-1, 5. Jadran 0, 6. Spandau 0

Group B
Pro Recco (ITA) v Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) 15-4
Partizan Belgrade (SRB) v Szolnoki Dozsa-Kozgep (HUN) 9-14
A Hid-OSC Budapest (HUN) v Jug Croatia Osiguranje Dubrovnik (CRO) 7-9

Classification: 1. Recco 3, 2. Szolnok 3, 3. Jug 3, 4. OSC 0, 5. Partizan 0, 6. Galatasaray 0

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Primorje comes away with late win in Herceg Novi

The opening round of the Champions League preliminary stage got underway in Herceg Novi where Jadran celebrated its return to Europe's elite stage by pushing Primorje to a late and hard-fought 9-11 win. Decisive and unanswered goals by top scorer Miho Boskovic (pictured, 4 goals) and Nikola Dedovic in the final two minutes gave the last year's finalists a two-goal triumph to kick things off in group A. Up until that points though the fans in Herceg Novi could witness a close and nice match-up, well earned by the home side who hung on against the favourite visitors. Primorje took two-goal leads and even led 4-7 early in the third period. The Vladimir Gojkovic coached side showed resillience and kept coming back before getting pushed back to trailing 2 goals. That pattern continued until the last two minutes. After Stefan Vidovic had tied the game at 9-9, Primorje's final answer was too much for the Montenegrins.

In group B defending champions Pro Recco experienced an easy start to their campaign by rolling past Galatasaray 15-4. The Turkish champions lacks rhythm, with the domestic season yet to get started, and relied too heavily on their experienced foreigners centre forwards Slobodan Nikic, Nikola Vukcevic and shooter Mladjan Janovic (3 goals) as well as fellow Montenegrin driver Vjekoslav Paskovic. The Italian defence however proved solid and got Galatasaray in trouble right from the start. On the breakaway Recco quickly started to walk away while the man-ups, drawn by centre forward Dusko Pijetlovic and Matteo Aicardi, proved successful as well causing the Turkish visitors, and their head coach Igor Milanovic, a tough night in Sori. The trio of Francesco di Fulvio, Andrija Prlainovic and Filip Filipovic led all scorers with 3 each. As mentioned Janovic scored 3 of Galatasaray's 4 goals.

For ZF-Eger and Olympiacos the Champions League prelims started with a draw. A seemingly fair result for a close and tense match-up. It was Spanish left-hander Blai Mallarach who saved the day for Olympiacos scoring the equaliser with just ten seconds remaining in the match. It erased a close lead for the Hungarian home team who had trailed most of the match but on the right moment, the final period, all of a sudden turned the score around and led 6-5 and 7-6 in the first half of the last term. After veteran Jesse Smith had tied the Greek 7-7 with over two minutes remaining Eger once more got in front as centre forward and top scorer Balazs Harai netted his 3rd with just 1.27 on the clock. A big blow but just not big enough to grab the win. Olympiacos struck in the final seconds of the game following an exclusion for Balazs Erdelyi and subsequent timeout that resulted in the Mallarach goal as the teams shared the points in group A on opening night.

First Final Six winners Barceloneta did managed to start with a win. The Spanish champions topped German's best Spandau 9-7 at home Wednesday. Almost literally carried by one of the team's aquisitions this summer, Serbian shooter Strahinja Rasovic. The winger scored 5 goals including a pair of big ones in the final period after Spandau smelled blood in the third quarter in which they crawled back to 5-4 and 6-5 deficits before Rasovic, in the final term, got Barceloneta to lead by two goals on two ocassions. His goals for the 7-5 and 8-6 score proved vital in secured the victory as the comeback attempt by the German visitors seemed broken and so with Albert Español netting his only shot of the game at 1.28 remaining, the win for the home team was secured. The last hit, by Spandau's Spencer Hamby was just to set the final score at 9-7. But Barceloneta got away with a valuable win in the highly competitive group A.

Champions League 2015-2016
Preliminary phase

Wednesday, 28 October - Round 1

Group A

Jadran Herceg Novi (MNE) vs. Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO) 9-11 (2-3, 2-2, 2-2, 3-4)
Jadran scorers: Vlado Popadic 2, Nikola Janovic 2, Zeljko Kovacic, Stefan Vidovic, Bojan Banicevic, Miroslav Randjic, Stefan Pjesivac.

Primorje scorers: Miho Boskovic 4, Nikola Dedovic 2, Gonzalo Echenique 2, Mislav Vrlic, Ante Vukicevic, Andjelo Setka.

ZF-Eger (HUN) vs. Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 8-8 (1-1, 1-3, 3-1, 3-3)
Eger scorers: Balazs Harai 3, Marton Szivos 2, Boris Vapenski 2, Milos Cuk.

Olympiacos scorers: Ioannis Fountoulis 2, Konstantinos Mourikis 2, Emmanouil Mylonakis, Jesse Smith, Christodoulos Kolomvos, Blai Mallarach.

CN Atletic-Barceloneta (ESP) vs. Wasserfreunde Spandau Berlin (GER) 9-7 (2-1, 3-2, 1-2, 3-2)
Barceloneta scorers: Strahinja Rasovic 5, Marc Minguell 2, Albert Español, Viktor Rasovic.

Spandau scorers: Mateo Cuk 2, Tobias Preuss 2, Mehdi Marzouki, Marko Stamm, Spencer Hamby.

Group B

Pro Recco (ITA) vs. Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR) 15-4 (4-0, 6-2, 3-0, 2-2)
Pro Recco scorers: Francesco di Fulvio 3, Andrija Prlainovic 3, Filip Filipovic 3, Dusko Pijetlovic 2, Sandro Sukno 2, Michaël Bodegas, Aleksandar Ivovic.

Galatasaray scorers: Mladjan Janovic 3, Slobodan Nikic.

Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) vs. Szolnoki VSK (HUN) 9-14 (2-4, 2-4, 3-5, 2-1)
Partizan scorers: Gavril Subotic 4, Marko Manojlovic, Drasko Gogov, Nikola Jaksic, Filip Radojevic, Mateja Asanovic.

Szolnok scorers: Marton Vamos 4, Tamas Mezei 3, Daniel Varga 2, Denes Varga 2, Bence Fulöp, Aaron Younger, Gabor Kis.

20.15: OSC (HUN) vs. Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO)

N.b.: time mentioned is local time.

El CNAB debuta ganando por 9—7 en la Champions

El CNAB debuta ganando por 9—7 en la Champions

28/10/2015 - El CN Atlètic—Barceloneta ha comenzado la fase previa de la Champions League ganando por 9—7 (2—1, 3—2, 1—2 y 3—2) al Spandau 04 de Berlín en un partido muy intenso y que hasta el final no se ha decantado del lado de los marineros. El gran protagonista del partido ha sido Strahinja Rasovic (CNAB) autor de 5 goles, que ha declarado estar "muy contento por debutar con mi nuevo equipo en la Champions League. Podemos jugar mejor pero estamos muy contentos con el resultado".

Por su parte, Chus Martín (Entrenador del CNAB), manifestó en zona mixta tras el encuentro que "el Spandau es un equipo muy fuerte y ha sido un partido muy complicado. Este fase previa va a ser muy igualada. Hemos tenido muchas ocasiones para irnos en el marcador pero hasta el final no hemos sentenciado".
Comunicación RFEN. Fotos: Tiempo muerto del encuentro con el CNAB y, sobre estas líneas, Chus Martín (CNAB) en zona mixta / CNAB

Marc Minguell: "Empezar bien es vital"

Marc Minguell:

29/10/2015 - Trabajado y celebrado primer triunfo del CN Atlètic Barceloneta en esta LEN Champions League 2015—16. El cuadro que dirige Chus Martín tuvo que emplearse a fondo para sumar estos primeros puntos en la visita del Spandau Berlín a la piscina Sant Sebastià, un buen comienzo que buscarán que se alargue en la segunda jornada, donde repetirán en casa pero esta vez ante el Jadran Herceg Novi, que debutó con derrota frente a Primorje en Montenegro.
"En esta competición lo importante es empezar bien, con los tres puntos, sobre todo en casa, donde no podemos fallar en ninguno de los partidos. Creo que este equipo robará puntos a los equipos más favoritos del Grupo. Es un conjunto muy fuerte, luchador, con la dureza típica alemana, así que hoy nos llevamos esto, los tres puntos, aunque quizás no ha sido el partido soñado a nivel de juego", aseguraba en la zona mixta después del encuentro Marc Minguell, uno de los destacados ayer (junto con el serbio Strahinja Rasovic, autor de cinco dianas) del choque con sus dos goles.
Preguntado sobre las claves del partido librado en la Sant Sebastià, Marc nos dice esto: "Hemos empezado muy bien por el 2-0, luego hemos logrado mantenernos por delante, que es importante a nivel de confianza, sobre todo para nosotros. Creo que en defensa hemos estado bien, aunque tenemos que mejorar en el hombre de menos, pero en líneas generales hemos estado bien y Dani, como siempre, ha estado espectacular y ha parado mucho. Eso siempre nos ayuda a la hora de imprimir velocidad al contraataque, algo que nos viene muy bien y a ellos les cuesta".
El inicio del Grupo B no defraudó a nadie y siguió el guión de igualdad que se esperaba desde un buen inicio con el empate entre ZF Eger y Olympiacos (8-8) y el triunfo de Primorje en Herceg Novi (9-11). "Este grupo será una batalla en cada partido. Seguramente los resultados que se darán serán así, muy ajustados, y lo importante es no perder puntos en casa, eso es lo que todos los equipos buscarán y creo que no se decidirá hasta el final".
Por último Marc nos habla del Jadran, próximo rival marinero: "Sabemos que es un equipo joven y a diferencia del Spandau ellos sí que son más jóvenes y tienen un juego más parecido al nuestro, de contraataque, con jugadores rápidos. Será un partido interesante de ver y tenemos que lograr los tres puntos porque en principio son los dos rivales más flojos del grupo y no podemos fallar en casa". Si no hay modificaciones, se enfrentarán el miércoles 11 de noviembre (19.15h) de nuevo en la Sant Sebastià.
Sergi Capdevila (Comunicación RFEN). Foto: Minguell, en un lance del choque ante Spandau de ayer / RFEN

Women´s World League (ESP-GRE)

Spain, Hungary win shootout thrillers

The pair of top match-ups in the women's World League opening round on Wednesday turned out to be real thrillers, each decided by a penalty shootout. In Athens reigning European champions Spain prevailed to top home side Greece 16-17, with captain Jennifer Pareja scoring the game's final penalty. Goalkeeper Laura Ester came up big denying Christina Tsoukala on two attempts, allowing Pareja to score the winner. In Budapest Hungary defeated Italy, also on a shootout.
Here though misses by Roberta Bianconi and Federica Radicchi made the Italian women fall short. Dora Antal shot home the winner after Hungarian goalie Edina Gangl had saved Radicchi's attempt to clinch the victory. It was Italy who thought being close to a triumph in regulation. Rosaria Aiello had put the Setterosa up 12-13 with just 18 seconds to play. But just 6 seconds later Rita Keszthelyi saved the day for the Hungarians answering on the other end to tie the game at 13-13 and so a shootout had to determine the winner with plenty to cheer for the home fans.

In other results the Netherlands grabbed their 2n win this time beating France at home 12-7 while Russia kicked things off rolling past Germany 19-8 in Moscow.

Women's World League 2015-2016

Preliminary stage Europe

Round 1

Tuesday 27-10:

Netherlands vs. France (in Amersfoort) 12-7 (2-3, 4-1, 3-2, 3-1)
Greece vs. Spain (in Athens) 16-17 (1-1, 4-4, 2-2, 3-3; penalties: 6-7)
Hungary vs. Italy (in Budapest) 17-15 (6-3, 2-1, 2-5, 3-4; penalties: 4-2)
Russia vs. Germany (in Moscow) 19-8 (7-1, 5-4, 3-2, 4-1)

Current standings:

Group A
1. Netherlands 2-6 pts, 2. Hungary 1-2, 3. Italy 2-1, France 1-0.

Group B
1. Russia 1-3 pts, 2. Spain 1-2, 3. Greece 1-1, 4. Germany 1-0.

Group winners + overall best 2nd ranked team advance to World League Super Final in Shanghai (7-12 June, 2016).

Round 2
24 November, 2015

Hungary vs. Netherlands
Italy vs. France
Russia vs. Greece
Germany vs. Spain

World League Game Women
Nederland vs France

Debut amb victòria a la World League (FCN)

  La selecció femenina de waterpolo amb una clara majoria de jugadores catalanes ha guanyat el primer partit de la World League. L'encontre es va jugar ahir a la tarda a Grècia i després d'un empat a 10 al final del partit es va procedir al llançament de penals. La tanda de penals va decantar el resultat a favor de les ibèriques per un 16 a 17. Per tant, primer partit, primera victòria i ara a esperar la següent cita, el 24 de novembre contra Alemanya. 

Debut a la World League femenina amb 12 catalanes (FCN)

La selecció estatal de waterpolo femení jugarà aquesta tarda a les 18.00 h, hora peninsular, el primer partit de la World League femenina contra Grècia. Per aquesta ocasió Miki Oca, el seleccionador, ha convocat a un total de 13 jugadores, 12 de les quals són catalanes i/o juguen en clubs catalans. Aquest és el primer partit de la selecció d'aquesta temporada que ve plena d'activitat internacional de gran trascendència: un europeu el mes de gener, a on la primera plaça classifica pels JJOO, un pre-olímpic al mes de març i un final de temporada amb els JJOO de Rio 2016 al mes d'agost. 

La selecció està enquadrada en el Grup B d'aquesta World League amb Alemanya i Rússia que jugaran avui mateix al país caucàsic. El proper partit de la World League serà el 24 de novembre contra Alemanya. 

Les convocades per aquest primer encontre de la World League són: Marta Bach i Laura López del La Sirena C.N.Mataró; Bea Ortiz del C.N.Rubí; Laura Vicente del C.E.Mediterrani i Anni Espar, Clara Espar, Laura Ester, Judith Forca, Maica Garcia, Mati Ortiz, Jenny Pareja i Pili Peña del C.N.Sabadell.